Catcher in the Rye

Our school has moved away from Holden Caulfield. Maybe his time has come, I am not sure. I no longer teach sophomores, the curriculum that contains this classic, but I am pretty sure if I did, my classes would still be reading this novel. Some teachers in our department have grown tired of Holden’s whining, but I still feel this book is a right of passage, especially for boys. It’s not just about diagnosing Holden’s depression. We try to focus on Holden’s inability to have a successful relationship, whether it be with a friend or girlfriend. As the old saying goes, “you have to love yourself first…”


Here are some good reading/discussion guides… (sorry if the font is distracting.)

CR – chapters 1-2
CR – chapters 3-5
CR – chapters 6-7
CR – chapters 8-10
CR – chapters 11-14
CR – chapters 15-16
CR – chapter 17
CR – chapters 18-20
CR – chapters 21-23
CR – chapters 24-26

Please comment below if you use them, (or if you find any errors.) Hope they can help.

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