New Novels!!!

In our never ending effort to create lifelong readers, our senior speculative literature course was fortunate enough to approve a few new novels. After reading Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde together as a class, students finish the horror unit by choosing one of the following novels: I Am Legend, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, or Frankenstein. I am creating materials now for Vampire Hunter. The basic task of the students will be to separate truth from fiction. Students will compare what happens to Lincoln in the book to what happened during his lifetime. UPDATE I have attached a copy of the timeline assignment. This is a revised version! The students did a great job with it, and loved the book!
Abraham LincolnVH Time Line2
If anyone can help me out w/ materials for the original Pride and Prejudice, I would appreciate it. I have not read it. Updates to come.