A Novel Idea

Last year I revamped a classroom library project with the help of our school librarian and it turned out to be the most successful project of the year. After reading I Am Legend and Fahrenheit 451, I allowed my students to check out a book from our IMC that fit in our Speculative Genre. Some of the more popular choices were Gone, Peeps, Hunger Games, and Feed. The students were given 3 weeks to read their novel. Each day in class for the next two and 1/2 weeks I made sure I set aside some time for SSR. I really wanted my students to have every opportunity to read the book of their choice. When the students were finished we spent four days in the computer lab where they learned to create their own website based on their novel using weebly.com. The first day was devoted to showing students how to use the site and how they could add images, themes, music, and video. The next three days were used to create the websites. Each student was required to create a five page website. Three pages were required (Intro, Summary, and Characters) The remaining two pages were free choice. You can see the options listed on the assignment pdf below. I have also attached a simple rubric I used to grade the websites. (this was time consuming, as over 72 websites were created)

Overall it was a great project. The kids were held accountable and learned a new skill in the process. Students began planning their web pages while reading, and they soon realized the more they read, the easier their sites would be to create.

One reason this project went so well is because I registered as an educator with weebly and I talked some of my colleagues into registering also. This allowed me to create 60 free student accounts where I could access all their sites from one location. The remaining accounts, the students created on their own and emailed me the link to their finished project.

Here is the assignment: Novel Website

Rubric: Book Web Rubric

And finally here is a sample of some student work: Student Sample

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