Using Twitter in the classroom.

The more I learn about twitter, the more I want to find ways to use it in my classroom. Twitter has a bad rap here in the Midwest, and believe it or not, I think most parents have passed on their negative view of twitter to their kids. Most of my seniors do not have a twitter account. When I question them about this, the most common response seems to be something like, “People don’t need to be knowin’ my business.” Yes, to no fault of my students, it seems that most people in the Midwest seem to think the only reason people have a twitter account is to announce where they are and what they are doing at that moment, such as what they ordered at starbucks, or where they are stopping for a bite to eat. They don’t have enough experience with twitter to begin to understand all of the unlimited possibilities. That being said, here is a good article on using twitter in the classroom.

“Twitter in High School Classrooms”

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