I Am Legend – Richard Matheson Lesson Plans

I Am Legend ch1
Legend Ch 2
Legend Ch 3-4
Legend Ch 5-6
Legend Ch 7-8
Legend Ch 9-10
Legend Ch 11-12
Legend Ch 13-14
Legend Ch 15-16
Legend Ch 17-18
Legend Ch 19-21

UPDATE Due to the strong response and the numerous requests, I have posted more reading guides here on the site. All I ask is that you post a comment if you choose to use these, just to let me know they are being used. I know there are one or two bad questions in the entire set. If you find one, please let me know. Also, I have a great scantron test. Contact me if you are interested.

Tis the season for a good Halloween read. I am attaching a reading guide I created for Richard Matheson’s classic I Am Legend. I have created reading guides for every chapter. They were aimed at lower level readers, however I find they also work great as discussion guides for any level class. If you are teaching this novel and would like for me to send you the rest of the reading guides just comment here, or tweet me @MooreClass.

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    1. Hi! Thank you for the questions ! I will be teaching I Am Legend this semester and was wondering what other material you may have.

      Thanks in advance!

  1. Just learned this book is being made available to my class. This, and anything else you might share, will sure come in handy!

  2. I’m teaching a zombie/vampire literature class this summer and I really like the questions you have for I am Legend. If you have any other teaching materials for the book I would love to see them. thanks so much for making this available!

  3. Thanks for making these available! I covered this book with one of my English IV classes this year and they loved it. The story is so weird and brutal that it is easy to get teenagers interested. After reading it multiple times, it is still my favorite vampire story. (Sorry, Bram!) I plan on getting a classroom set for next year and using it with excerpts from _Dracula_.
    I would appreciate any other materials you may have on this wonderful story. I have quickly looked over the questions you have for here each chapter and they are great. I will give you more feedback after I get time to work on curriculum over the summer.

  4. If you would please share any additional resources you have on this novella I would greatly appreciate it.

  5. This book is starting to get some recognition in schools. I’d love to see what you’ve got. Is anyone else interested in sharing?

  6. I plan to use your lesson plans for I Am Legend, if you don’t mind. I’ll probably edit them and include a vocabulary section, too, if you want to see a copy when I’m finished. Thanks!

  7. I love all this work! Thank you so much Chuck for creating these lesson plans. My English teacher (Cade Elkins) gave us all this work! I really appreciate it. We have also been discussing satire lately, I thought it might be appealing to his eyes, to see how much my satire has improved. Haha

  8. Any and all materials you are willing to share would great. We are starting the novella after break and I was about to start making up all materials. So, you may save me a ton of time. I plan on showing the movie and having my students write a compare and contrast paper. We are finishing World War Z, so I am sure this will go over big. THANK YOU!


  9. A co-teacher and I plan on using this study guide with credit retrieval students. We will be coming up with adjunct materials as well. Thanks for setting this up.

  10. Hello! I love all of your chapter questions. I’m getting ready to begin reading I Am Legend with my class and would appreciate anything you have to offer (including the scantron test). Thank you so much for sharing your lessons; they’re great! 🙂

  11. Please email me the rest of the guides and the test. Thanks! I would appreciate anything you have to offer on this book.

  12. I am planning on teaching I Am Legend and would appreciate any additional study guides and materials you are willing to provide. Thanks in advance!

  13. I’m writing a curriculum for a twelfth grade elective English class, and I plan on using I am Legend.

    Thank you for posting these questions! They can work well for general reading quizzes (Do Now). Do you have sample projects?

    Again, thanks so much!

  14. hello we will be reading this story in class. i work at an alternative school and it is hard to find stories that are very high interest for my kids. Since many of my students have seen this movie, they are interested and have background knowledge of it. Thank you for the questions and I would greatly appreciate any more materials you have on the story. (for a project, I was going to have my kids turn the story into a graphic novel/cartoon using an online comic book creating website). My email is luke.longo@d300.org

  15. Hello,

    I am planning on using this text for my high school students. All available materials will be greatly appreciated for this text. Thank you for your hard work!

  16. I have appreciated the chapter guides for I Am Legend. I would appreciate any other materials you have used. We are going to use the novel as a culmination for our Monsters in Literature study this semester.

  17. Hi! I’ll be using this for my 12th grade selective class called, “Mystery & Horror”. I would love if you could send me any other resources you may have collected or created over the years!! AdamJones@foresthills.edu Thanks in advance!!

  18. Hi!
    I would love any materials you have for teaching I Am Legend. I’m teaching a Zombie Lit class starting next week, and this book is our kick-off.
    Thanks so much!

  19. My students will be reading this book and any materials you have for this book would be greatly appreciated. This book would be great for a comparison with the movie. It is also out of the ordinary and my hope is that it will get my students motivated about reading.

  20. Hi!
    Great resource page. It’s awfully tough to find good material about Matheson. If you have any other links or resources, I’d love to see them. I’m teaching a monster’s themed Introduction to Literature course.


  21. I am teaching this novel to a small group of struggling readers, so any additional information (guides, questions, assessments) would be great to supplement with my own questions. Thanks in advance. If I can offer my questions to you, please let me know.

  22. Thank you for this! While I would have preferred to read the novel in its’ entirety and then watch the film, my seniors are going to be short on time (this is my first year creating and executing a Science Fiction curriculum) so I am going to try and adapt some of the questions that will coincide with the film for their very short study of this interesting idea!

  23. I’m read this book with a group of 12th graders and appreciate the use of your questions.
    Thank you! for sharing.

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