The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker is one of the better short stories that we read with our American Lit. classes. I think the kids find it an easier read than Hawthorne. Plus the timeless theme of “selling your soul” can be connected with contemporary music. I’ve included 3 handouts we use with this lesson. The students generally enjoy the songs, and like looking up the references in Sympathy for the Devil. We also discuss Blues legend, Robert Johnson. The song lyrics are PDF’s. The reading guide is a .doc file so I hope it remains in format when you download it.

Devil Went Down to Georgia

Sympathy for the Devil

The Devil and Tom Walker

Using Twitter in the classroom.

The more I learn about twitter, the more I want to find ways to use it in my classroom. Twitter has a bad rap here in the Midwest, and believe it or not, I think most parents have passed on their negative view of twitter to their kids. Most of my seniors do not have a twitter account. When I question them about this, the most common response seems to be something like, “People don’t need to be knowin’ my business.” Yes, to no fault of my students, it seems that most people in the Midwest seem to think the only reason people have a twitter account is to announce where they are and what they are doing at that moment, such as what they ordered at starbucks, or where they are stopping for a bite to eat. They don’t have enough experience with twitter to begin to understand all of the unlimited possibilities. That being said, here is a good article on using twitter in the classroom.

“Twitter in High School Classrooms”

I Am Legend – Richard Matheson Lesson Plans

I Am Legend ch1
Legend Ch 2
Legend Ch 3-4
Legend Ch 5-6
Legend Ch 7-8
Legend Ch 9-10
Legend Ch 11-12
Legend Ch 13-14
Legend Ch 15-16
Legend Ch 17-18
Legend Ch 19-21

UPDATE Due to the strong response and the numerous requests, I have posted more reading guides here on the site. All I ask is that you post a comment if you choose to use these, just to let me know they are being used. I know there are one or two bad questions in the entire set. If you find one, please let me know. Also, I have a great scantron test. Contact me if you are interested.

Tis the season for a good Halloween read. I am attaching a reading guide I created for Richard Matheson’s classic I Am Legend. I have created reading guides for every chapter. They were aimed at lower level readers, however I find they also work great as discussion guides for any level class. If you are teaching this novel and would like for me to send you the rest of the reading guides just comment here, or tweet me @MooreClass.